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VirZOOM Virtual Reality Exercise Bike and Games

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Accessory Reviews Gifts  VirZOOM Virtual Reality Exercise Bike and Games

The buzz for the VirZOOM Virtual Reality Exercise Bike and Games is everywhere and with good reason.

This folding bike measures how fast you’re going through the use of sensors. For some people, that seems pretty technology advanced and it is. But this is no ordinary exercise bike. Sure, it’s giving you a workout – but what you’re doing during your workout is what makes this bike so unique.

You can get in shape doing intense cardio while engaging in a virtual reality world that immerses you right into the center of different experiences. Operating the VirZOOM Virtual Reality Exercise Bike for use during the game is easy.

The handlebars of the bike are fixed and while this might seem odd, it’s actually innovative, safety centered and doesn’t impact your game at all. When you want to turn the bike, you just lean your body.


Your virtual reality headset will catch this due to their head tracking ability. When you want to move faster in your virtual world, you just pedal the bike faster. The buttons that you’ll need to use while you’re playing your games are located on the handlebars.

Everything you need is there – the action buttons, the triggers and the pad. The handlebars each contain controls which contain buttons as well as a joystick. Even though it has the controller made into the bike, it’s still compact so you can store it out of sight if needed.

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It’s also fairly lightweight for an exercise bike. When you want to make a turn in the game, how far you lean will change how widely the bike swings out in the game.

VirZoom is a VR bike to make losing weight fun

VirZoom is a stationary bike using VR technology for fun and games. You cycle as you play and it can help reduce the motion sickness that sometimes happens in virtual reality. You can play on the VirZoom using any VR headset. The bike comes with a bunch of games to start. Check

You should know that this bike doesn’t come with the virtual reality headset.

You either have to already own one or you’ll need to buy one. Make sure that whatever you buy will work with the bike.

Several of them are compatible. You can buy the HTC Vive, the PlayStation VR or the Oculus Rift headset. Any of those work great with the bike.

You don’t have to worry about the games being unable to work depending on your choice of a headset because they’re made to work with any of the most popular ones.

Accessory Reviews Gifts  VirZOOM Virtual Reality Exercise Bike and Games

You get the VirZoom arcade games with the bike. You can play these in online multiplayer mode if you want to. Among the games that you’ll get are Tank, Pegasus and Race Car.

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The faster you pedal the bike, the better your success in the different games. In some of the games, you get points based on how fast and how far you go. With this bike, you get an immersive way of keeping fit while being entertained. Everyone in the family will enjoy it.

VirZOOM Virtual Reality Exercise Bike Information

  • VirZOOM Virtual Reality Bike and VirZOOM Arcade games included. Play VR. Get Fit.
  • VirZOOM is currently compatible with the Samsung GearVR (S8 or S8+), Playstation VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive Headsets. (VR Headsets Sold Separately)
  • The VirZOOM Bike has integrated speed and direction sensors.
  • Includes an evolving suite of VirZOOM arcade games: Be the car in the race, the tank in battle, the pegasus in flight… on VirZOOM!
  • VirZOOM Bike Controller is completely wireless via Bluetooth connectivity, accurately measures heart rate, offers 8 tension control resistance settings, weighs 39 pounds and folds up for easy storage.

Accessory Reviews Gifts  VirZOOM Virtual Reality Exercise Bike and Games

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