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Turtle Beach Earforce XO One Amplified Headsets Review

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Accessory Reviews  Turtle Beach Earforce XO One Amplified Headsets Review

One of the great headsets that you can get is the Turtle Beach Earforce XO One Amplified Headsets.

The headset that you use for your gaming should be a good one. Otherwise, you’re missing out and lowering the quality of your game sound.

Turtle Beach has a reputation for quality products without breaking your budget. You get top quality 50mm speakers. These are going to let you hear everything that goes boom as well as the softest tone in the game.

The quality of the headset stands out even though when you first look at them, they look pretty plain and they are small. But what they don’t have as far as size goes, they make up for other ways.

Keep in mind these are entry level headsets but they do pack a solid sound. The microphone is a detachable one and gamers like this feature. Because when you’re taking a break from your virtual world, you can detach the microphone and then use it with your smart phone or tablet.


The microphone is clear whether you’re talking or chatting. There is a feature with this headset that will allow you to listen to how you sound so that you can check to make sure you’re not talking too loudly to whoever is on the other end.

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There is a mute switch for the microphone with the headset. What’s surprised a lot of users about this headset is that the sound quality is amazing in both the audio as well as in the chat.

Whether you use it on your console or any other device, you’ll get the same top sound.

There won’t be any irritating buzzing or crackling noises. Every game, every song, every movie or show will be clear.

The headset has an adapter which attaches directly to the controller. You can level up the bass with the boost button. This helps the sound in your games sound richer. You’ll hear the explosions in real sound just like you’ll hear the whine of the bullets.

The ear cups on a headset can make or break their reputation. If a headset is uncomfortable, no gamer wants to wear them. Fortunately, that’s not the case with the Turtle Beach models.

Accessory Reviews  Turtle Beach Earforce XO One Amplified Headsets Review

These ear cups are made of cloth. Not only does that provide some cushion comfort for your ears, but they also help you deal with ear sweat, which can enable you to play longer.

The top of the headset contains cushioning so that it can rest comfortably on your head. You’ll be able to play for hours and not end up sore. This headset is compatible with all Xbox One controllers.

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When you purchase it, the package includes a USB update cable, the controller adapter, the microphone and a user’s guide.

Turtle Beach Earforce XO Information

  • Amazing Sound & Comfort – Premium 50mm speakers supported by breathable, around-the-ear mesh ear cushions for hours of comfort and noise-isolation
  • Ear Force XO Headset Audio Controller – Included Audio Controller puts Game-Chat Mix, Mic Mute, adjustable Mic Monitoring, multi-step Bass Boost and Master Volume controls at your fingertips
  • High-Quality Chat – High-sensitivity, removable mic for chat on Xbox Live and Skype
  • Mobile Gaming Versatility – Disconnect from the Headset Adapter to use the XO ONE with your mobile devices
  • For All Your Audio Needs – XO ONE isn’t just great for games Enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows with high quality sound Then crank up your tunes from music services like Xbox Music or Skype with friends!


Buy Turtle Beach – Ear Force XO One Amplified Gaming Headset – Xbox One on Amazon



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