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Great Christmas Gifts for Kids Super Mario Odyssey for Nintendo Switch

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Game Reviews  Great Christmas Gifts for Kids Super Mario Odyssey for Nintendo Switch

Why Super Mario Odyssey for Nintendo Switch Would Make a Great Christmas Gift for Kids

Christmas is coming up faster than most of us expect and now is the time to start considering what we may be getting for the kids in our families. It can be hard to shop for children, as their needs and interests are continually changing.

Not to mention, in this day and age kids’ toys are usually deeply connected to technology, so whatever the latest thing in tech is, will be at the center of their Christmas wish list. And the latest big, exciting thing to hit the entertainment scene is the Nintendo Switch.

“Nintendo revolutionize gaming pretty routinely, and often don’t get enough credit for it.

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From their arcade game systems, to the portability of the GameBoy, to the motion-sensitive Wii, Nintendo have always had a focus on gaming as an experience. It’s not just about graphics or the story, after all, you can get amazing graphics and a good story from a movie, or even a comic book.

What Nintendo do is they take something which is a fun activity and they give us more ways of engaging it, better things to do with it, a much wider array of fun.

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The Switch embodies this innovative spirit. It has taken the traditional Nintendo system and made it into something new and unique: a games console that is all in one.

On the Nintendo Switch you can play at home or on the go, bridging between traditional home consoles and portable consoles. You can also play with a large number of people, up to twelve if you’re playing the right game and synchronize a few systems, which keeps it social.

And even a single system, without any extras, allows two people to play together or against each other.

Game Reviews  Great Christmas Gifts for Kids Super Mario Odyssey for Nintendo Switch

For all these reasons, kids love the Nintendo Switch.

But the hard part, once they have it, is deciding on which games to get them. A great option is the Mario franchise.

Most recently, Nintendo have announced the release of Super Mario Odyssey, which makes the very most of all the new and amazing features on this innovative console. Nintendo have offered an impressive bundle, the contents of which have barely just been revealed.

During a broadcast the company displayed what could be found in the soon to be available bundle: Amiibo figures of Mario, Princess Peach, and Bowser in wedding attire, photo mode, and red Joy-Cons along with the console and switch case. It really will be a complete package for players.

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The photo mode is a new addition which makes use of Switch’s screenshot feature. The console will let you screenshot anything at all you like, of course, but playing this game your kids will be able to set up and take the perfect shots they want of their gameplay, to show and share with friends.

Some features of the gameplay were also revealed during this presentation. The story seems much more solid than in many of the recently released multiplayer Mario games, and is going back to Mario’s roots as a multilevel adventure and rescue game.


There are many levels and settings to play in, with plenty of detail and fun games.

Not to mention cool features like the power ups which come with the outfits.

For those wedding costumes, a player as Mario is temporarily invincible, Princess Peach gains a life-up heart, and Bowser attains regional coin location information.

Mario’s journey seems exciting and immersive, despite the cartoon style of the adventure. The settings are incredibly varied and the universe is more open than before, in an ongoing trend from Nintendo that will only continue as access to more gigs becomes a common feature of their consoles.

“In effect, they have broken free of the restrictions of the Wii and are crafting the next generation of gaming.

Game Reviews  Great Christmas Gifts for Kids Super Mario Odyssey for Nintendo Switch

And if Super Mario Odyssey is not quite right for your kids, there are still plenty of options on the Nintendo Switch. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is another fantastic option, a new and creative way of playing this traditional Mario game.

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There is also Mario Kingdom Battle available, which kids are bound to love. There is even talk of a Nintendo Switch Mario Party, although unfortunately this will not be an option for this Christmas, as it is still in development.

And besides the Mario titles there are plenty of amazing Nintendo Switch games out right now which your kids might love.

Super Mario Odyssey Game for Nintendo Switch Information

  • Mario Sandbox-Style Gameplay Mario embarks on a new journey through unknown worlds, running and jumping through huge 3D worlds in the first sandbox-style Mario game since Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine
  • Mario jumps out of the Mushroom Kingdom and embarks on a journey through mysterious places and new experiences, such as sailing between worlds aboard an airship
  • Mario has the ability to throw his cap
  • Compatible with the Nintendo Switch only



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