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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle One of the Best Games Released for Nintendo Switch

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Game Reviews Gifts  Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle One of the Best Games Released for Nintendo Switch

Why Mario Kingdom Battle for Nintendo Switch Would Make a Great Christmas Gift for Kids

The Nintendo Switch has broken all the rules of console gaming with its innovative design and features. This new console is at once a home console, a portable console, a multiplayer console, and a motion-sensitive console thanks to the unique design of the handset and data storage systems.

“It is the definitive console, and a must-have for kids who love games.

But when the kid in question already has a Nintendo Switch, then what games can you get them as presents for Christmas or their birthday this year?

This versatility really opens up possibilities where games are concerned, which means plenty of old stories have been revamped and plenty of new game ideas are being explored.

A few games, like Legend of Zelda, are going back to their roots and taking advantage of the new system for a more immersive game, whereas others, like the Mario franchise, are exploring the range of new possibilities which have opened up.

Game Reviews Gifts  Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle One of the Best Games Released for Nintendo Switch

One of the best games released for the Switch so far is Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. This game is one of the craziest games to come out in ages, mashing together the Mario franchise and the Rabbids franchise to form an amazing universe full of challenges, exploration, and cartoon violence.

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Combining Mario and Rabbids is a bit of a wild card from Nintendo.

I would not have expected them to work together. I always figured Mario was more for nostalgia and smaller kids, and Rabbids was more for teenagers and twenty somethings. The mash up of cute and traditional gaming with kind of gross, a bit violent, strange and quirky gaming shouldn’t work. But it really does.

In this game a malfunctioning time washing machine brings the Rabbids into Mushroom Kingdom. Which, as you can probably guess, causes more than a little chaos.


The Rabbids start merging with the creatures of Mushroom Kingdom, creating some bizarre and revolting monsters, and both Rabbids and monsters start tearing apart the Mushroom Kingdom, in the way they usually do.

In an unexpected turn of events, there happen to be a Mario Rabbid, as well as doppelgangers for pretty much everyone in his world. And these Rabbids and the usual cast of Mario agree that it is better to put the world to rights and split their universes again.

This is where the player is involved. You can choose between single player story mode or a series of co-op challenges to take you through the steps until everything is fixed.

The players solve all sorts of puzzles, explore the world, and track down necessary items as they march through four distinct Mario worlds to help the cast solve their Rabbid problem.

“The game is a joy to play, not just an enjoyable story.

There is plenty of strategy and opportunities to use your wit and gaming skills to get what you need. The role-playing element is linked in, but not too much of a driver for the story.

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And your choice of character really impacts your gameplay, as every character is unique in terms of special skills, equipment, and personality, meaning that especially in multiplayer mode you need to pay special attention to your strategy.

But don’t worry if your kids aren’t familiar with this level of tactical gaming yet.

Like most new instalments to the Mario franchise, this game includes a step by step tutorial where players can practice new codes, moves, and concepts, letting them explore and discover this new universe before being set free to follow the adventure.

Game Reviews Gifts  Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle One of the Best Games Released for Nintendo Switch

All in all, this game is great for most older kids and all teenagers, but also quite fun for younger kids if they get a little support.

The only bad news here is that there seems to be no intention of making this game into a series. However, Nintendo have announced they have plenty of plans for downloadable extras and packages, which will hopefully keep all players happy until they see the error of their ways and agree to release a sequel game.

Mario Kingdom Battle Information

  • Winner of over 50 E3 awards and nominations!
  • Mario and Rabbids universes collide in this new adventure, exclusively on the Nintendo Switch system!
  • Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Yoshi join forces with four Rabbids heroes with their own unique personalities.
  • Easy to play, difficult to master. Solo and co-op turn-based combat is a fresh gameplay experience.
  • Battle with an arsenal of weapons through four new worlds filled with enemies, puzzles, and humorous fun!
  • Manufacturer warranty will not apply
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